So you think you have the old lap siding that was in that class action law suit and you missed your opportunity to file? That lawsuit that ended in 2002 was valid in many cases but a more common reason for failure was not a manufacturing defect –it was the installation methods and lack of maintenance. There are well over 100 types of wood composite siding that prematurely fail everyday because they were made with wood by-products, sawdust and resin then embossed with a wood grain overlay to the face. These products are pressed together, primed or painted then cut into smaller pieces. One of the reasons for common failure is the lack of paint and sealant on the bottom edge and sides during manufacturing then compounded with lack of paint and sealant by the paint SizeGenetics crews that have sprayed and saved over the years. Another common reason for failure is the installation techniques that were used when your siding was originally installed. Other causes of premature failure include extreme weather exposure, inadequate flashing, fungal growth and delayed maintenance. The bottom line is if you have a problem with your siding it needs to be addressed before it leads to more significant problems, costs, or headaches. Can your siding be cleaned, repaired and sealed or is it necessary for replacement? If replacement is required there are many options to choose from when determining the right siding for your needs. Your siding materials can completely change your home’s curb appeal and add significant value to your home on resale. We only use products that are made to last in Georgia’s unpredictable weather and we install based on manufacturer’s requirements to ensure your warranty remains valid and the product performs at the rate of time in which it was intended to do. There are many types of well known siding materials like vinyl, wood, fiber cement, stone, stucco and brick. Understanding the pros and cons of each type will help you determine the short and long-term return on your investment. Our assessments and estimates are free, give us a call today to schedule an appointment at 770-513-8989 or click here to send us a quick online request.