There are many reasons why property management companies trust Tailored Roofing to do their work; we understand what it takes to maintain host appreciation. Your choice in selecting the right contractor is a direct reflection of you and your contractor will make choices that directly affect your relationship with your tenant occupants long after job completion.

Our philosophy when performing a small repair or major construction project to a multi-family property is simple:

  1. Get the job done with the greatest level of efficiency.
  2. Treat all occupants with utmost respect, courtesy, and professionalism.
  3. Reduce liability through a clean and neat job-site.
  4. Add value through quality craftsmanship and improved curb appeal.

A happy tenant will tell others about their living environment and potentially drive more business to your property reducing vacancy. An unhappy tenant will do the exact opposite and could cause much unnecessary work to clean up a bad reputation. Everyone has “problem tenants” who seem to find anything to complain about. When these tenants are identified to us, we go the extra mile to make them smile.

Because of our cognitive efforts in understanding the needs of property managers, owners and HOA boards we have been able to create lasting relationships that have turned into business partnerships. Whether you need a small repair performed, help identifying an aging issue, or a major renovation project completed to perfection –we are here for you.
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Often times property owners view painting as a simple change in aesthetics.  Painting provides much more than a color change.  Painting can reduce your utility costs and prevent rot and mold formed through continuous exposure to water and vapor infiltration. 

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There are many types of siding solutions that can be tailored to your needs. New siding or siding replacement will provide greater energy efficiency, decrease maintenance requirements and improve over all curb appeal.

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Keeping the soil around your foundation dry as possible is critical. Wet soil around your foundation can lead to severe structural problems. Guttering controls this problem by taking rain water off of your roof and routing it away from your foundation.

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Insulation is the single most important element to energy efficiency and is commonly the least expensive method. Properly installed insulation can save 45-55% of heating and cooling energy. From radiant barriers to cellulose or batt insulation, you will see and experience an immediate ROI.

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