I think I may have storm damage, what should I do?

First, have a trained professional from Tailored Roofing inspect your home for damage. If you have damage we will provide instruction on how to proceed filing a claim with your insurance company. If no damage is found you will have peace of mind knowing your roof has a serviceable life left. You do NOT want to file an insurance claim if your roof has no damage. Yes, you may have seen a yard full of hail and your neighbors may be getting a new roof from their insurance company –this does not mean that your roof has been compromised or that you have enough damage to warrant a full roof replacement. Each insurance company’s guidelines or “standards” are different and unless you know exactly what your particular insurance company requires, the odds of getting your roof approved for replacement are not in your favor.

What can I do to extend the life of my roof?

  1. First and foremost, keep everything off and away from your roof. You can do more damage than fallen debris or a major storm just by walking on your roof with improper shoes and/or walking on areas that are not designed to be walked on –especially the valleys and direct top side of your ridges.
  2. Keep tree limbs cut back away from your roof. No matter what type of roofing material you have, if tree limbs are moving across your roof when the wind blows that area of your roof will fail long before the rest of the roof
  3. Maintain all rubber/neoprene and silicone materials that deteriorate over time. The number one leak repair we are called on is a deteriorated or damaged pipe boot. This is the rubber boot that sits at the base of the pipes that extend through your roof. Pipe boots last an average of 5 years before showing their age in the Georgia summers and winters. Neoprene can only contract and expand so many times before it loses it’s ability to perform. We recommend having your pipe boots checked at minimum every 3 years to prevent minor water intrusions.
  4. Have your roof inspected. Maintenance to key leak-prone areas can save you money and hassle when minor issues are addressed before a leak is ever present. Roofs are not designed to last forever but the life of a roof can easily be extended when maintenance is performed