Choosing the right roofing contractor can be a daunting task.

The Professionals Have Arrived.

We perform a thorough inspection of your roof system and prepare a professional estimate using a 3-D cad program to accurately estimate the repair or replacement. Our estimators are trained to identify any weak or vulnerable areas of your homes exterior including gutters, siding, windows, fascia, soffit, trim, etc… We will notify you of any minor to serious potential failure points.

Roof Deck Inspection.

We tear off all roofing material to expose the wood decking. We thoroughly check all wood for damage and re-nail any boards necessary to have a uniform and solid foundation to work on.

Staying Leak-free Happens Under the Shingles.

We thoroughly examine all flashing details and penetration points. These areas are the most common areas to have a leak and are often overlooked or addressed with limited knowledge. We put great emphasis on these areas with corrective flashing detail and use of a self-adhesive membrane called ice & water shield. We install this highly durable and flexible material under all flashings, down every valley and at any stress point.

Beyond the Standard.

Many roofers use a standard 15# or 30# felt paper. We use a high quality heavy saturated fiberglass-reinforced felt which lays flatter, has a higher tackiness to adhere to the wood substrate and is less likely to tear during installation.

Wind Rating is Over-rated.

We install your shingles using a minimum of 5 nails up to 8 nails depending on the roof slope and shingle type. Our common nailing practice exceeds all shingle manufacturers minimum guidelines. What we lose in nail consumption and a little extra time we gain in customer appreciation, our roofs stand firm even in the heaviest winds. Some shingle manufacturers state their products to stand up to 130+mph winds -if applied properly.

The Right Roof. Right Away.

Choosing the right roof system for your property is sometimes an overwhelming process. We have installed thousands of roofs and have been thanked too many times to list on the shingle brand, color and style that our staff has recommended. We all have an “eye for design” and will find the right complimenting color contrast based on your siding color, shutters, fixtures, doors, landscaping, etc. We also evaluate your long-term goals and advise accordingly.

Got a Ladder and a Hammer? You Can Call Yourself a Roofer, Too!

Installing a shingle can be done by anyone. Installing a “roof system” is only achieved by professionals that have been trained to do so. Each roof is unique to it’s footprint below and our teams of professionals are trained to examine and create unique, innovative roof art to any structure you have.

If We Replace Your Roof in 2 Hours, How Well Will You Sleep During the Next Storm?

We will have a waste receptacle and materials delivered the night before or the morning of construction. Our practice is to have your roof replaced as quickly and efficiently as possible for your convenience but our goal is not reaching a new world record for fastest roof installation. We replace every roof as if it were our own and that sometimes means spending a few extra hours on the detail work and job site cleanup.

Most roofs can be installed in 1 day. If your job requires more than one day to reach perfection we will have all materials, tools and debris moved and protected before leaving the jobsite on each day. The roof will be dried in with felt or tarps if left unattended overnight –you never know what the unpredictable Georgia weather is going to do. The waste receptacle will be removed within 24hrs upon completion unless you specify different.

It's All in the Details.

We take pride in our work and it shows. Our installation methods set us apart in the details. We install the highest grade neoprene pipe boots and cap them off with a silicone ring and additional rain collar. Many roofers think lead is the best; this is only true if a squirrel is not capable of reaching your roofline. We use chalk lines for slope runs, hip and ridge shingles and valley cuts. We install ridge ventilation end-to-end simply for aesthetics.

We modify siding and/or corner boards to shed water properly over the flashing and under the siding. The precision in our work is razor sharp -we will take the time to show you the difference if you’re up for a short walk around your neighborhood.